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Systems for the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) and/or for composting purposes.

Ambientalia develops and produces aerobic systems for municipal solid waste treatment and for composting.

From refuse to resource

Safeguarding the environment and its resources: a goal the company has pursued ever since its founding by designing, developing and patenting technologies that limit the environmental impact of waste on our planet.

Refuse is thus converted from simple waste to a valuable, reusable resource.

Why choose Ambientalia?

ecosostenibilità - impianti per il trattamento dei rifiuti

Cost-reducing systems

The municipal solid waste treatment systems built by Ambientalia differ from traditional ones in that they are modular and can be relocated. This avoids the need to build expensive warehouses and makes installation faster and easier.

ecosostenibilità - impianti per il trattamento dei rifiuti

Rental options

Ambientalia is dedicated to meeting its customers’ needs. The company is not only a trusted partner for the sale of municipal waste systems: it also leases aerobic stabilisation and organic material accelerated-maturation systems.

ecosostenibilità - impianti per il trattamento dei rifiuti

Filter-equipped bin lids to eliminate odours

The outstanding filtration efficiency of the carbon filters inserted in CoverUp lids for 120 or 240-litre biodegradable waste collection bins reduces environmental impact and allows less frequent collection, thus reducing costs.

The Company

Ambientalia designs and produces municipal solid waste treatment products and systems that are tailored to customer requirements.
Founded in 1999, Ambientalia immediately established itself as a producer of innovative anti-odour systems before going on to design and supply municipal waste treatment and composting systems.

Its ambitious mission has always been to preserve natural resources - once considered to be inexhaustible, but no longer - and convert man-made waste into a reusable resource while improving working conditions at municipal waste treatment facilities.

fiore di montagna - impianti per il trattamento dei rifiuti per l’ecosostenibilità
fiore di montagna - impianti per il trattamento dei rifiuti per l’ecosostenibilità

The Technology

Municipal waste treatment technologies/systems and other products designed by Ambientalia are the result of a desire to provide turnkey solutions that save customers money, space and time yet maintain a sharp focus on eco-sustainability and environmental protection.

AmbiSystem and AmbiPress

System for the aerobic stabilisation and accelerated maturation of organic material.

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Universal system to eliminate unpleasant odours on municipal solid waste bins.

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A special reusable carbon anti-odour tarp to absorb the malodorous molecules released by organic material.

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