The Company

Ambientalia has been developing environment-protecting waste treatment technologies and systems for many years.
Founded in 1999, Ambientalia immediately established itself as a supplier of turnkey products and technologies that are designed to solve problems concerning the treatment of waste and its impact on the environment.

The company designs and manufactures products and systems with revolutionary features that focus on process efficiency and eco-sustainability; it also aims to reduce initial investment outlay and running costs, reduce space requirements and shorten treatment times.
Moreover, Ambientalia continuously invests in research and development. This is done both internally and through specialised external consultants. Where necessary, the company also works with university research facilities to ensure its waste treatment plants are of the highest technical quality. Ambientalia is also constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies so that customers can count on quality, skill and excellence at all times.

Located in Toscanella di Dozza, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, Ambientalia combines the pragmatism and brilliance of its founders. That combination is an inspirational driving force for the company and all who work there. Whatever their specific tasks, everyone at Ambientalia works towards one shared ambitious goal: continuous company improvement to make it a ‘flagship’ of local industry.


Our planet is an incredibly complex system whose natural resources - air, water, plant and animal species - were once considered inexhaustible. But they are not. Humans also belong to this complex system, which is becoming increasingly delicate and ever-more finely balanced. It is our responsibility to protect this natural balance by offsetting the indifference that can lead to enormous, irreversible damage.

Many things can be done to protect the environment and make a difference.

This has been Ambientalia’s goal ever since its founding, one pursued through the use of innovative products and technologies that stem from the company's continuous research. Its ambitious aim is to preserve our natural reserves and convert man-made waste into a resource, both from an environmental and an economic perspective; last but not least, the company aims to improve workplace conditions at municipal waste treatment facilities.

Ambientalia for a better future.

ISO 9001 certification