Products and systems for aerobic waste treatment and composting.

Protecting the planet and its natural resources are goals the company has pursued since its founding.

Waste treatment solutions developed by Ambientalia stem from extensive experience in the sector, from continuous research and specialization in the various waste treatment fields and, last but not least, a solid belief in the values of a circular economy and sustainable development.

AmbiSystem and AmbiPress

Systems for the aerobic stabilisation and accelerated maturation of organic material. Designed for utilities, municipalities, landfills and/or composting plant managers and owners.

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The first ‘smart’ lid. The first lid equipped with a carbon odour filter. Lid with carbon odour filter for 120 and/or 240-litre wheelie bins.

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Carbon anti-odour tarp to reduce smells caused by decomposing organic material. Wherever there’s an odour problem caused by organic material, Ambientalia carbon covers offer the best solution.

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