The first ‘smart’ lid.
The first lid equipped with a carbon odour filter.

Lid with carbon odour filter for 120 and/or 240-litre wheelie bins.

What is CoverUp?

CoverUp is a lid incorporating a carbon filter. It has been designed, developed and patented by Ambientalia for the 120 and/or 240-litre wheelie bins used to collect organic waste.

The specially designed opening and high filtration capacity of the carbon filter keeps the concentration of odorous gases inside the bin extremely low.

What are the advantages?


Less frequent collection and emptying of bins, especially in summer.


Fewer waste collection vehicle journeys mean less pollution and better air quality.


Lower collection costs.


Significant odour reduction, with the bin both open and closed thanks to a new insertion system and high filtration efficiency.


Fewer insects/animals attracted by foul-smelling emissions.


CoverUp battery

CoverUp anti-odour lids with carbon filter.

CoverUp battery

CoverUp anti-odour lids with carbon filter.

Roadside CoverUp

Containers equipped with CoverUp anti-odour lid with carbon filter.

Blue CoverUp

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